Good News – Work From Home Business Has a Higher Success Rate!

Are you fed up with all the doom and gloom in the news? Just forget the news work from home instead. Here’s why. Things are tough for the large corporations and the country as a whole. It is difficult to avoid all the bad news. It is everywhere and is having an effect on everything.The sub prime mortgage market initiated the collapse of many well known organizations which in turn caused the housing market meltdown, banks collapsing and the stock market crashing to an all time low.Is your job safe? No one really knows. Even the large multinationals are cutting back big time. Just thinking about all these things brings you into a negative state of mind.You may already know the well known fact that new traditional business start ups have a 80% failure rate in their first 3 years. But did you know that a new business started from home has an 80% success rate! The main reason for this is low overheads and flexibility for change according to market demand. If a new traditional business had a success rate of 80% than the banks would be falling over themselves to lend them money.Unfortunately, in the current economic crisis banks are not eager to lend money to many well established businesses, never mind lending to new business. They know the risks too well. When they do decide to lend they want security so their risk is virtually nil. It seems large companies will have more bad news and a work from home business will not become just a possibility but a necessity for many budding entrepreneurs.Large corporations have been around a long time and are part of this countries wealth and infrastructure. They are necessary in certain industries and different areas of the economy to provide stability as well as support a large number of jobs. But they have to get leaner and fitter to survive. Here are some of the reasons why large corporations have to change:They have far too many overheads.The wages bill can be crippling for many hence outsourcing to third world countries.Government taxes and compliance with Health and Safety legislation is expensive.They are unable to change with the times quickly, easily and cheaply.As more jobs are shed by streamlining, it is inevitable that more small businesses will start up from home (especially in the beginning to keep their overheads low). With all the bad news work from home has become a strong possibility for many thinking of going into self employment. Especially for people who are not sure if their job is safe. Do not forget the good news, work from home has a 80% success rate especially with the emergence of the internet.