Pre-Ordering Your Video Games – A Necessity Today!

When it comes to pre-ordering nowadays you have no choice. In most cases if you don’t pre-order your favorite video game, you will not have it on its release date. Don’t go through the same thing that I went through, going from game store to game store, trying to find my favorite game because I didn’t pre-order!The whole process of pre-ordering is something that the entire video game industry utilizes. From the game developers to the console makers to the video game stores to the department stores. The video game industry is a billion dollar industry that is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The whole process starts with the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. They hold this convention every year and from there the game developers get an idea how much anticipation they can expect from an upcoming title. From there it goes to the numerous video games magazines that promote that particular game. That game and many others are promoted in these magazines, these same magazines are read by the millions of video game junkies in the U.S. and the world and that in turn draws up more anticipation for the game.The console makers vie for distribution of the game. If the game has garnered enough attention then these console makers try to get sole distribution of this game for their particular console. This is sometimes hit or miss. Take for example the hugely popular video game “Grand Theft Auto”. This game was available only on PlayStation and they benefited from it immensely. But now the Xbox 360 has jumped into the ring and Microsofts’ baby has become more and more influential in the industry. Because of this, Rockstar, the makers of Grand Theft Auto have allowed the Xbox 360 into the grand hall of Grand Theft Auto. That means more money for Rockstar, more money for Playstation, more money for Xbox 360. All this from pre-ordering.The attention and anticipation that the game gets directly relates to the pre-order status of the game. What I mean is whether or not the game will be available on game day. The video game stores order a predetermined amount for the stores stock. Sometimes they have a game or two left in stock. Sometimes they don’t. You won’t have to worry about this if you pre-order. When you pre-order, they make sure that your copy of the game is at the store before they sell off the extra copies. This is the beautiful thing about the whole pre-order process. This is something that starts months in advance.Normally you pre-order with a small amount, usually about 5 dollars. This saves your copy of the game. Once the release date eventually comes then all you have too do is go to the store and pick up your copy that you pre-ordered. Hopefully you paid the entire thing off, that way you won,t have to worry about paying the balance of that game on game day. (There is nothing better than walking up to the counter, showing your receipt, and walking away with your copy of a game that you have been waiting for from anywhere from six months to a year.) Now if you don’t pre-order then you have to hope that the store has an extra copy of the game for you. If they don’t then you have to go from store to store hoping, wishing and praying that the next store has a extra copy of the game! Don’t go through this, just pre-order the game! It’s only five dollars!